Build Your Business On Recess.Tv. Build Your Business On Recess.Tv. Build Your Business On Recess.Tv. Build Your Business On Recess.Tv. Build Your Business On Recess.Tv.

We are built for instructors, by instructors. Fully embedded websites, custom apps & more!

Key Product Features.

Tools To Support Your Journey. 

With our technology, you can embed your live classes, on-demand library, packages (and more) onto your own website easily. Don’t worry about integration, either—we can do it for you, as well as match your branding. Your customers will never have to leave your site to book a class!

If you need a site, we can build it for you!

Use your Zoom or ours. Or use the Recess Playground video platform- Let your clients turn your music down and voice up, add text overlays during your class with interval timers and exercise names.

    • No storage limits
    • Create programs with sub folders like days of the week
    • Set expiration dates and drip out content
    • Easily message your members in your Recess dashboard.
    • A zapier integration is just around the corner for those that want to keep mailchimp.
    • NEW Client Communication hub launches March 31st!

Partner with another trainer or have someone else launch your class.

    • Packages
    • Memberships
    • Challenges
    • Discount Codes
    • Personal Training
    • etc.
    • Use the best fitness video platform, the playground
    • Loyal Zoom user? No problem, you can keep using it

We Provide Covered Health Insurance.

That’s right. Finding health insurance as a small business owner can be difficult, and at Recess, your health matters. When you join our platform, you can qualify for our health insurance programs.

We're committed to your growth.

At Recess, we have a full-time customer support team and talent specialists to help you every step of the way. When you start your business here, you can join our incubators and learning sessions, as well as chat with our instructor-care team, to grow. Recess is not a marketplace. If you have a website, clients never leave your website, ever. Think of the Recess platform as your free lead gen tool.

We want YOU to make more money.

It’s a great way to grow your business, no matter how big or small you already are.

There Are NO Platform Fees.

There are no monthly platform fees—and you keep 100% of what you charge.

Our Team Is Growing To Support You.

We are constantly expanding our team so we can support you at every turn — email strategy, up-sell campaigns, referral programs and more.

Have Ideas? We Want To Hear Them!

Have a feature you think will help? We're all ears and want you to be part of the process.

We Make

We work with you to migrate all of your existing digital packages, subscriptions and On-Demand videos—plus our platform makes it easy to auto-record and upload new, live classes as well as pre-recorded workouts. 

All of your clients data stays intact, memberships continue to renew. Zero disruption!

Migrate to recess today!

It’s seamless. Zero disruption to your clients.