Yoga Harmony
with Kelsey Lee

Yoga for Radiance

Today is a perfect day to feel happy, balanced and peaceful.

About me

Welcome! My name is Kelsey Lee and I’m a New Zealand-based RYT 300 Yin Yoga Teacher, Certified Wellness Coach & Group Fitness Instructor of 30+ years. I fell in love with Yin Yoga at a time in my life when I was needing a lifeline out of chronic pain. After suffering a major setback with a lower back injury I found the soothing movement of yin yoga including the breathing techniques to be incredibly healing and empowering as it allowed me to strengthen my body and regain mobility while learning about mindfulness and staying present. I’ve been teaching for over 30 years both in studios, schools and gyms, and started online classes when the pandemic struck over two years ago.

I now teach Yoga virtually helping people with work related stress and tension to regain their ease of movement and restore balance in their body and mind without having to leave the comfort of their own private space. My classes include a mix of dynamic and static stretches to help participants regain coordination, flexibility and freedom of movement so they can function better and feel happier. It’s about integrating harmony and balance into people’s lives both on and off the mat so they can cope better mentally and physically with the stressors and demands of daily life.

What my clients are saying…

“The 40 minute Yoga Stretch, live on-line classes with Kelsey, have been highly beneficial for my health and wellbeing.Selected gentle arm stretches are assisting in the recovery from tricep tendonitis. Additionally, tight calf and hamstring muscles definitely benefit from stretches held for a minute or more with increases flexibility making everyday movement easier. Kelsey’s open and gentle presentation coupled with useful diversification of stretches to cater for varying abilities, compliments her class delivery. Due to personal constraints, on-line access has enabled the continuance of regular weekly stretch class and for that, I am Thankful”.

- Vivienne Wharehoka, Hastings, NZ Dec 20, 2021