A Day of self care with lalo A Day of self care with lalo

Ease Your Mind & Body with Recess.tv

We hear it all the time—you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. But as a parent, that doesn’t always seem easy or possible when your baby is going through sleep regression or your toddler is throwing yet another tantrum. We’re here to help! In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, Lalo and Recess.tv have teamed up to offer parents a day of self-care and wellness. Swing by the Lalo flagship store to enjoy ear seeds, known for reducing stress and stimulating relief, from WTHN and a short, guided meditation session from Kaley Skoglund to get re-centered.

Sunday, May 22nd 11AM - 1PM at Lalo 0 Bond Street (corner of Broadway)

Little ones are welcome to come with you! While you enjoy the wellness activations, we’ll have free activities in The Play Cafe for them to choose from.

Sunday, May 22nd 11AM - 1PM at Lalo 0 Bond Street (corner of Broadway)

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Come meditate with momma-to-be, Kaley Skoglund, Meditation Leader and Fitness Instructor,  as you practice mindfulness breathing methods and other practices to relax the body & mind. Because you deserve it!

Modern Wellness with WTHN

Our go-to modern wellness platform, WTHN, will be offering ear seeds to our community. Ear seeds carry a deep legacy in Chinese Medicine as a tool used to reduce stress, relieve pain, restore hormonal balance, and more.